Sunday, May 30 @ Zoom

1:00 ~ 3:00 PM

KMUG’s Zoom – Online Meeting

(Sorry, bring your own donuts…)

KMUGer Ernest Schaal has set up the Zoom meeting details:

In Zoom, hit “Join” on the Home pane and  enter these meeting details:

Meeting ID: 821 9629 6833

Passcode: 448209

KMUG Gimcrack May Madness

At the end-of-May meeting we’ll talk about the small apps and other gimcracks that make everyday Mac life a bit more convenient and hassle-free. Long-time KMUGer Richard Sadowsky will kick things off with Bartender, the premier utility for effectively implementing menu bar tools. Richard will also touch on various menu bar gems. KMUG Secretary Ron Read will intro File Cabinet Pro and maybe something else. All participants are invited to bring their own favorite tricks and tools for bringing convenience and power to daily Mac use.

Long-time KMUGer Ernest Schaal is once again our gracious Zoom host.

What you’ll need:

         a device with internet access, camera, microphone: Basic system requirements

         meeting log-in link/information

         recommended: Mac Zoom client for meetings or App Store for iOS device apps

         patience and a sense of humor

         optional: pants

If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t be intimidated. It’s easy, safe, and reliable. Many of us have been virtually 🤣 living in the Zoom world since spring last year. As easy as falling off a bicycle.

Best Practice Tips for Using Zoom

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