Sunday, January 26
Frente, Nishinomiya

Doors open: 1:30, presentation at 2:00

Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

What's in it for the Mac User?

A Concise Overview by Ron Read, with input from the peanut gallery



The latest iteration of Apple's OSX, the Mac platform's engine for nearly 20 years, is Catalina, named for a resort island southwest of Los Angeles. Is it just a stability upgrade from Mojave, named for a Californian desert, or does it offer changes worthy of Mac Users' attention?

Ron will go over big changes, new features, adjustments users have to make, and intriguing possibilities (in particular, Catalina is giving the speaker his biggest motivation to get an iPad, something he's thus far avoided). Ron will also touch on capabilities/tools that have been left behind in the dust, often associated with the trend of unifying Mac OS and iOS.

After Catalina has been sufficiently deconstructed, the discussion will inevitably run to other Mac issues. For example, Ron's apprehension about various applications moving to a subscription-based price.




About the presenter:

Ron has been secretary of KMUG since around the time Admiral Perry arrived in Tokyo. He uses his Mac within a company that is nearly all-Windows, navigating obstacles with a mix of guerrilla politics and warped humor.






Meeting Location Details

Frente, Nishinomiya 4F
Doors open: 1:30, presentation at 2:00

Near south exit of JR Nishinomiya Stn.)
Add: 11-1, Ikeda-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo Pref.
Tel: 0798-32-8660

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For advance info call 
Ron at 080-4010-9323 (English/日本語).





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